I am a passionate and committed individual with an enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge. I have a long history of leadership, management and teaching others, both through paid work and volunteering.

I’m a registered nurse working in a private education company, where I oversee a team of four to coordinate online educational activities and resources for nurses and midwives worldwide. I’ve previously worked at a major teaching hospital in Melbourne, before relocating to London for 2 years where I worked concurrently as a health care assistant and a supervisor in a busy restaurant.

Seeking a new challenge and to broaden my professional skills, I chose to join Ausmed Education in my current role as a Nurse Planner / Online Content Coordinator.

I enjoy the challenge of creating engaging continuing education activities for nurses and midwives, and being surrounded by the knowledge that is constantly presented by the experts that work with Ausmed Education.

Additionally, I thrive on working to understand the learning needs and driving factors of our learners through the use of analytics and evaluation, and consequently improving our educational activities to meet these needs.

I am currently undertaking a Master of Education (Educational Management) at the University of Melbourne, and in my spare time I play the Cello with the South Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and row competitively at a state level.

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